The West of South Difference

We formulate according to the official regulations in the European Pharmacopeia, Ecocert, USDA, and under the US FDA OTC monographs. Using pure ingredients certified by the USDA Organic Program, USP, and Ecocert, we apply advanced formulating techniques with state of the art equipment to develop highly effective formulas.

Our chemists and microbiologists are experts in both cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulation, with a focus on formulas that revive dry and sensitive skin. Our founder is a voted-in chemist in the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, the Society for Investigative Dermatology, and the American Society for Microbiology.


A Note From Our Founder

I could not find products that improved my skin before I founded West of South. I have been working in molecular and cell biology for years and knew exactly why I was experiencing irritation and cystic acne that had relapsed after multiple isotretinoin cycles: many brands choose the cheapest ingredients, used generic formulating techniques from the 1970’s, didn’t investigate how their formulas affected skin, and then focused on marketing. By using premium, certified ingredients, advanced formulating techniques, and working closely with dermatologists, I have made skincare staples to add to your routine and achieve all your #skingoals!